Armed Response

RF Solutions’ 24hr Armed Response Team specialises in rendering professional and effective high-risk protection services to a variety of businesses and private individuals. Its strength lies in the fact that the strictest criteria apply in both the selection and training programme to ensure that personnel conform to the standards and stipulations set out in the Protective Agency Laws of Trinidad & Tobago, Chapter 15:02 as it relates to uniformed (fully trained) Security Officers.

All armed response personnel are covered by Fidelity Bond, Workmen’s Compensation, Public Liability and National Insurance and have had training in the following areas:

  • Self Defence
  • Human Relations
  • Basic Drill
  • Fire Prevention
  • First Aid
  • Security Duties
  • Communications
  • Court Procedure

This indebt training has proven to increase the personnel’s level of performance to be equivalent to that of members of the Military or Quasi Military Organisations in the field of Security.