Motor Assistance

RF Solutions’ Emergency Motor Assistance Service provides clients with a wide range of 24 hour services as we aim to add value and continually improve the experience of our valued customers.

By calling our 24 hour HOTLINE and giving a Name, Vehicle Number and Location, clients will be able to avail themselves of the following services:

24 Hour Services

  • As needed, three (3) emergency motor assistance call outs or tows of the members’ vehicles to an authorised garage or the nearest police station in the case of accidents and mechanical breakdowns
  • Transportation of the member from the emergency site with the vehicle at no cost but with taxi or other means to another destination at a cost to be directed to the member
  • Changing flat tyres (member must have serviceable spare, jack and spanners available)
  • Providing fuel (member has to pay for fuel provided)
  • Providing jump starts when battery is dead
  • Providing all lubricants as required e.g. brake fluid, battery water, engine oil etc., in emergency cases (member is required to pay for any materials provided)
  • Minor mechanical and electrical repairs, that the response team may be able to handle e.g. changing fuses, battery terminals, bulbs etc., in emergency cases (member is required to pay for any parts provided)
  • As needed, contacting the ambulance, fire and police services, in addition to the next of kin, in the case of vehicular accidents
  • Provision of a locksmith at a fee to be determined by the locksmith (fee to be directed to the member)


You must be a GPS client of RF Solutions in order to sign up for Motor Assistance Services Membership

Membership is restricted to Owners/Drivers of Private Motor Vehicles, Hired Vehicles, Motorcycles and Light Commercial Vehicles not exceeding 2,540 kg)