Commercial Client Testimonials

"Utilizing RF Solutions' Web Application, we can customize real time notifications for break ins, towing and other violations and receive them on our choice of either email or mobile phone."
Marcus Tardieu, Managing Director, Tardieu Lighthouse Limited

"Since installing the VLS-5000 in our fleet Terminix has experienced a considerable reduction in maintenance cost associated with speeding and reckless driving."
George Charles, Managing Director, Terminix Limited

"Pro Blade Limited has finally eliminated the nagging problem of employees using company vehicles for personal errands on company time."
Darryl Monsegue, Managing Director, Pro Blade Limited

"We have fully utilized the ‘Power Take Off’ reports offered by RF Solutions. Now we can pull reports to show each time the flatbed of one of our trucks is lifted to do a job and compare these against actually dispatched jobs."
Ronnie Balwah, Managing Director, 800-4TOW Limited