Private Client Testimonials

"After installing the GPS tracking system on my car, I left on vacation. I never had to worry about my car being stolen because of the cellular alerts available with the system, not to mention the 24hr Monitoring Centre and Armed Vehicle recovery provided by RF Solutions."
Mitra, Diego Martin

"I have installed a tracking system so that if stolen, I can find my car before thieves have time to vandalize it. Now I don’t have to worry about losing thousands of dollars over a stolen and vandalized car."
Noble, El Socorro

"With features like ‘Remote Shut Off’and fully integrated 'Alarm System', the tracking device installed by RF Solutions has given me and my family a revitalized sense of security in these troubled times."
Joel, Santa Cruz

"I can now track my car while my teenagers are driving and see where they are and how fast they are driving. Since installing the GPS tracking System from RF Solutions their speed has slowed and my gas bill has dropped."
Pamela, Fairways